Where it all began

'SVG Worldwide' was the conclusive outcome of a collaborative team effort of a handful of creative minds. The PNG umbrella – a pioneering jewellery business in Pune with an indigenous history of over 175 years sees its 6th generation on the reigns currently. A family owned enterprise and a diverse corporate aim paved a way for Saurabh’s entrepreneurial vision to extend his borders. SVG (Saurabh Vidyadhar Gadgil) Worldwide came into existence in 2008 as a result of the amalgamation of ideas he believed in. Saurabh from a purely gold-specific business confidently treaded into every avenue he believed showed scope for growth; exports, education, real estate, hospitality and software. With the aim of diversification into tangents with untapped potential yet ensuring clean functioning and non-hassle entities, each company came into being from a personal attachment of sorts. Trusted consultants were given a platform to showcase their blueprints; the viable ideas which then duly transformed into companies.

The Bigger Picture

Since SVG Worldwide is a conglomerate of diverse companies under one roof; every company is governed by its very own team of experts that govern the overall daily functioning. Saurabh conducts monthly meetings at our full-fledged corporate headquarters wherein targets, budgets, progress, advertising, resources; strategies in every vertical are discussed to stay abreast on things. ‘One needn’t be a specialist at every field so long as you have the ability to pick the right people for the right profiles. 'Delegation is the key' is Saurabh's personal agenda. He wishes to tap into innumerous avenues. ‘Put people above profits and success are an obvious by-product' is the SVG tagline. Even though SVG is a proud parent nurturing its offspring, it’s our daily endeavor to create each company as a brand on its own. While aligning with every other vertical the aim is to co-exist and enable to take advantage of its peers. With Pune touted as fastest growing into metropolis, and India into economies, SVG Worldwide has a huge scope of diversification in its existing brands. While brain-storming we initiate into more such lucrative industries; for us, our investors as well as our valuable customers. Our SVG office in Sunnyvale, California and our animation studio, Toolbox now creating web-images for Hollywood, clearly reveals our truly global mark.

The Road Ahead

In a 2 tier town like Pune where emotional loyalty runs high, the risk of customers' vacating you is low. Since long, to fulfill their service and quality expectations and maintain the right connect is always our top priority. Our entire panels of Directors being on the younger spectrum have higher aims for themselves which translates onto the company’s growth. The mental process and business visions of the younger generation are more fuelled with faster results. In our basically product-service market a great idea becomes a recognized concept only after the market’s acceptance. Our concentration lies on flexible, innovative, unique market ideas that will eventually synergize with society that are mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Our primary core is our back-hand panel of visionaries, experts in their respective fields pushing the envelope at every step. Our main challenge today, after having established a fundamental base in Pune, is to take our brands all over.

Pune- Our Headquaters

With our parent company deep rooted into this city, Pune was the obvious choice for SVG headquarters. Strategically located in the centre of the country, neighbors with the financial capital of the country and well-connected to every major business city in India, Pune is an ideal choice to oversee workings of the company from. The country’s biggest IT Park, the hub of the automotive industry, the nucleus of the BPO branding and home to the world’s largest forging company; Pune is truly a global market. With a strong military presence, a major industrial centre and definitely the educational core of the country, Pune is the 8th metropolitan in the nation. All these has also brought about remarkable investments in the real estate segment which has encouraging statistics of top developers operating in the city to cater to an array of clients ranging from moderate apartments to luxury and ultra premium residential extravaganzas. With the city speedily keeping stride with other technologically racing cities, and every major player wanting to be a part of this young, vibrant city had made Pune the cynosure of the global eye. Estimated to grow at 11.5% per annum; is attracting all sorts of investors into this budding economy. This along with an innate small town charm balances the equilibrium of the city.

Dajikaka Gadgil
This 96 year old stalwart who is the foundation behind the success of every enterprise represents trust, faith and goodwill in his name. A mentor for every aspiring entrepreneur, taking the downswings of business to his advantage while making the upswings his impetus, Dajikaka altered the entire perception of PNG thus lending it a more contemporary visage. Even today, he continues to guide us with the same vibrant enthusiasm, bringing to the table that much needed experience that our company needs. Dajikaka is undoubtedly the biggest asset SVG Worldwide possesses.

SVG Personna
Born, brought up and educated in Pune; his keen, ingrained interest in the family business saw Saurabh make his foray into the family business whereby he began applying his freshly obtained professional knowledge and skills that he acquired through his MBA. Today after recognized as the biggest brand himself, Saurabh still keeps aside time to take up an annual Executive MBA from Harvard University, USA in order to keep his finger on the global pulse. His innate business acumen has been instrumental in transforming the image of PNG. This metamorphosis has been multifarious.

He has taken a family-run, small town, parochial presence, to a professionally run corporate entity with global ambitions, a single, traditional store to a rapidly growing chain of outlets. The tag of traditional, niche Jewellers has transformed to complete Jewellery Solution Providers. A 175 year old glorious past sees vibrant future under his expert eye. A 'Pedhi' (traditional jewellery store) gave way a tech- savvy business house; Saurabh has been instrumental for these remarkable growth changes.

Aspiring to challenge success in its eye, only to invite it to multiply manifold, Saurabh steered away from his core legacy only to diversify his expertise in numerous other fields, where glory and victory couldn’t help but follow.

Through Gadgil Capital Services, Aurum Concetta Pvt. Ltd., Seamless Academy, Post 91, Dajikaka Developers Pvt. Ltd., Dux Soft and 4C’s Saurabhs business foresight is expanding constantly.

Miraculously, he also finds the time and the willingness to be an active member of a privileged host of bodies, such as:
●  Pune Saraf association
●  Director Chitpavan Pratishthan
●  Director Gem & Jewellery Federation of India
●  Member of Advisory body of Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Pune Chapter.

Saurabh’s social persona cannot go without a mention, besides being world-renowned for his entrepreneurial acumen, Saurabh is also the favorite of the flash; the media cannot seem to get enough of this charismatic scion. His personal life too is followed by the spotlight, making heads turn wherever he chooses to go.

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