Corporate Social Responsiblity

SVG Foundation
The newest addition in the SVG Worldwide family, the SVG Foundation aims at conducting social and religious for the betterment of the society at large. We take advantage of our various verticals in spreading goodwill. Free food for the needy by Post 91, free education for the unable, a free RJ course for the blind, low-priced accommodation by DGDPL are some of the ways we try lending our hand to the less fortunate.

Global Mind Sports Foundation (GMSF)
A sport enthusiast himself, Saurabh primarily formed this organization to promote the game of Chess through regular tournaments, coaching camps, offering scholarships to promising players and providing financial aid to deserving and needy young players with a talent for this particular game. GMSF has so far organized 2 ‘Blitz – Lightening Chess Championships’, 2 Pune District Open PNG International Rating Chess Championships and 52 “Every Sunday Rapid” Chess Championships establishing a record in the continent of Asia.